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    November 27, 2020
    Should India Ban Facial Recognition?
    Against the backdrop of IFF's Project Panoptic, I joined Anushka Jain, Nirmal John and Mutale Nkonde to discuss strategic and legal approaches to facial recognition use in India and beyond.
    Bangalore, India
    September 23, 2020
    Data Justice and COVID-19 Book Launch
    I joined Carly Kind, Linnet Taylor and Karen Yeung at the book launch of "Data Justice and COVID-19" to discuss the enduring impact of COVID-19 crisis on surveillance practices.
    Bangalore, India
    August 24, 2020
    Policing In Modern India: Technology and Responsibility
    Organised by Carnegie India, I joined this conversation on the growing role of technology in Indian law enforcement agencies. I drew from research on New Delhi's predictive policing system, CMAPS.
    Bangalore, India
    May 27, 2020
    Expert Seminar on AI and Privacy
    Invited by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to speak about the intersection of AI and privacy.
    Bangalore, India
    May 22, 2020
    The Rise of COVID Surveillance and Facial Recognition
    In a webinar hosted by Internet Freedom Foundation, I shared part of my findings from ongoing work on facial recognition in India.
    Bangalore, India
    January 24, 2020
    Knowledge Transfer on Facial Recognition in India
    I held a workshop on introducing the state of facial recognition in India, with a focus on legal challenges and technical limitations. Vijay Gnanadesikan, CEO of FaceTagr responded to my presentation.
    New Delhi, India

    December 10, 2019
    Intercultural Digital Ethics
    A workshop at Oxford University, hosted by the Digital Ethics Lab. My talk focused on the need for a deliberate, ground-up approach to context and culture in re: AI.
    Oxford, United Kingdom
    December 04, 2019
    On AI, Law, and Foreign Policy
    On invitation from Stiftung Neue Verantvortung, I delivered a talk & interactive Q&A on the foreign policy implications of AI, human rights, and technical standardisation.
    Berlin, Germany
    December 03, 2019
    Roundtable on the Ethics of AI, UNESCO
    I joined Peter Paul Verbeek and Paula Boddington to talk about the use of AI for crucial decision making.
    Paris, France
    November 28, 2019
    Beyond Ethics Councils: How to really do AI governance
    In a panel at the Internet Governance Forum 2019, I joined Fieke Jansen, Bernard Shen and Corinne Cath-Speth to critique current AI governance approaches and suggest a way forward.
    Berlin, Germany
    October 15, 2019
    AI and Digital Rights at CocoNet II
    At CocoNet II, organised by Engage Media, I held two sessions on AI for digital rights activists from South East Asia.
    Antipolo, Philippines
    August 24, 2019
    Persistence of Prejudice: On AI and Bias
    At TEDxDUCIC, Delhi University. My talk covers the politics of machine learning, the social implications of its use, and questions to consider going forward.
    New Delhi, India
    May 30, 2019
    Transformative Constitutionalism in Asia
    A workshop for former and sitting judges of constitutional courts in Asia, organised by Konrad Adeneur Stiftung. My talk focused on constitutional questions and challenges posed by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.
    Manila, Philippines
    April 05, 2019
    Regulating Data-Driven Finance
    Participant at Dvara Research’s annual workshop. My interventions focused on algorithmic models, data protection and protected characteristics in financial data.
    Chennai, India
    March 07, 2019
    Human Rights in the Era of AI, Human Rights Council
    Invited expert on the sidelines of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council. On a deliberate, human rights based approach to AI.
    Geneva, Switzerland
    February 16, 2019
    AI, Design and Ethics in India
    Panelist at UNbox Festival, invited by Tandem Research.
    Bangalore, India
    January 17, 2019
    Expert Consultation on Artificial Intelligence
    Invited by UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics and Science of Technology to provide expert input to the Commission’s ongoing work.
    Paris, France
    January 11, 2019
    Artificial intelligence policy in India: a framework for engaging the limits of data-driven decision-making
    Talk based on my academic paper at Fairness, Accountability, Transparency/Asia organised by Digital Asia Hub.
    Hong Kong
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    October 23, 2018
    Artificial Intelligence: Impact on Privacy and Freedom of Expression
    Presenter at an expert roundtable on the sidelines of 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee.
    New York, United States of America
    October 05, 2018
    In Pursuit of Autonomy: AI Policy and Ethics
    Panelist at CyFy 2018
    New Delhi, India
    August 30, 2018
    Impact of Data Privacy Bill on Data Processors and Users
    Panelist at MediaNama's #NAMAprivacy event. My talk focused on how India's data protection bill does not engage with challenges raised by the increasing use of algorithmic models for consequential decision making in India.
    Bangalore, India
    August 29, 2018
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector
    Speaker on invitation from UNESCAP, Google, Berkman-Klein Center and Digital Asia Hub on the implications of AI systems in public sector decision making and public spheres of everyday life. I focused my talk on constitutional standards and State-citizen relationships.
    Bangkok, Thailand
    June 18, 2018
    Expert Consultation on AI & Freedom of Expression
    Invited expert at a consultation held by David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Freedom of Expression, to provide input on his 2018 report on AI & freedom of expression and the information environment.
    Geneva, Switzerland
    April 27, 2018
    Workshop on AI and Human Rights
    Organised by Data & Society under Chatam House Rules.
    New York, United States of America
    April 26, 2018
    Global Milestones and Challenges to Freedom of Expression
    Panelist and Participant at Columbia University's Justice for Freedom of Expression Conference
    New York, Unites States of America
    January 19, 2018
    Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and the Law
    Invited by the Oxford Internet Institute and the Alan Turing Institute to talk about framing the role of human rights standards vis-a-vis AI. I contributed to both the workshop and panel discussion.
    London, United Kingdom
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    July 15, 2020
    AI and its role in COVID-19 responses
    I spoke with Red Tani and Sara Pacia from Engage Media about the role of emerging technologies in COVID-19 responses.
    Bangalore, India

    December 30, 2019
    The All-Seeing Eye
    I spoke with Srinivas Kodali, host of the Suno India podcast on facial recognition, democracy and fundamental rights in India.
    Bangalore, India
    July 21, 2019
    'Facial recognition gives others control over your face, features. Isn't that scary?'
    I spoke with Sonam Joshi from the Sunday Times of India about the extent, nature and dangers of facial recognition technology.
    Bangalore, India

    August 28, 2018
    Vidushi Marda on Civil Society, AI and the future of free expression
    I spoke with Dean Jackson from the National Endowment for Democracy on how civil society can best contribute to the development of a human rights respecting framework for AI

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    June 23, 2020
    What a machine learning tool that turns Obama white can (and can’t) tell us about AI bias
    The Verge covered my analysis of recent research on accuracy of facial recognition systems.
    June 04, 2020
    Can the EU make AI “trustworthy”? No – but they can make it just
    As part of ongoing work on biometrics and AI with European Digital Rights, I speak here on the importance of pushing back against the supposed inevitability of AI in crucial decision making.

    November 07, 2019
    Mass surveillance fears as India readies facial recognition system
    I spoke with Rina Chandran from Thomson Reuters Foundation on the surveillance concerns arising from the AFRS.
    November 04, 2019
    India to build world's potentially biggest facial recognition system
    I spoke with Rohini Mohan from Straits Times about India's National Automated Facial Recognition System
    October 09, 2019
    India Is Creating A National Facial Recognition System, And Critics Are Afraid Of What Will Happen Next
    I spoke with Pranav Dixit from Buzzfeed about India's envisioned nation-wide facial recognition system.
    October 05, 2019
    'We are hurtling towards a surveillance state’: the rise of facial recognition technology
    I spoke to Hannah Devlin from the Guardian about real-time facial recognition.
    September 02, 2019
    Little Brother Is Watching: India Is Over-run By Cheap Snooping Systems
    Gopal Sathe from Huffington post covered my tweets and research on facial recognition, and why "accuracy" is not the key concern with the use of these technologies.
    January 08, 2019
    Meet The Women Who Have To Sneak Onto Facebook
    I spoke with Pranav Dixit from Buzzfeed on the gendered aspects of social media access.

    April 25, 2018
    One 30-page document contains everything you need to know about AI
    The Outline covered the 2018 publication, "Privacy and Freedom of Expression in the Age of AI" that I worked on with Corinne Cath-Speth and Frederike Kaltheneur. A joint publication between Privacy International and A19, it was among the earliest pieces of research linking AI and human rights.

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